darren wilson

Darren Wilson’s upcoming film Holy Ghost has made its digital premiere on August 5th, but there’s another opportunity to watch the film for free on September 6th, hosted by Bethel Church in Redding, California.  Just click on the link below.



Darren Wilson, a college professor at Judson University has been transformed when God commissioned him to create a series of films about God.

His first film, Finger of God, is a movie about miracles.  Some things he mentions in the film is gold dust, gold teeth, manna (bread from heaven) appearing out of nowhere into the hands of Christians.  He has footage of people getting healed right on camera.  Watch the God of miracles like you’ve never seen him before!

His second film, Furious Love, focuses on the forces of good and evil.  The whole aspect of spiritual warfare is found with demonic possession in Africa, the sex trafficking in Thailand, the drug addicts in a Spanish garbage dump, as well as Satanists, New Age in the US.  Watch how Love conquers all.

His third film, Father of Lights, sets the scene on the heart of God.  As the trilogy presents the miracles and the love of God, the final film gets a grip on Who God is.  Watch as God himself is revealed, and will probably twist your conception of God- not a religious, controlling old man, but a loving, powerful Father.

Darren has a number of other projects as well such as The Greatest Fight which is a film about wrestler Ken Shamrock and his struggle for faith over the years.  It features his endeavors against drug use, womanizing and violence.  It is still in post production.


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